Rev. Dr. Albert Gani

His Method

Helping Professionals and Individuals

Rev. Dr. Gani has an uncanny ability to work with individuals and organizations, helping them make major life changes through the application of ethical principles. He brings to his workshops and courses a versatility and richness which he combines with a conceptual framework that clarifies spiritual, personal and business issues.

He believes in practicing his own teachings in his personal life. Perhaps most apparent and inspiring of all his qualities to those whom he has helped is his courageous, ethical and loving stance for the truth, regardless of the outcome.



Rev. Dr. Albert Gani founded the Church of the Path in 1986 (

For over 40 years Rev. Dr. Gani has helped people find purpose and meaning in their lives, motivating them towards the pursuit of happiness through ethics and faith. His work has taken him from coast to coast in the United States, as well as Europe and Mexico. 

Hi experience includes over 50,000 hours of classroom and individual teaching, helping people find purpose, self-leadership, and their task in life.

He has authored over 20 books and has taught continuing education classes at Pace University in New York City and the University of Texas at Austin.

For fourteen years, Rev. Dr. Albert Gani was in international trade. His last position was as vice-president of operations of a one-half billion dollar trade steel import company. He has been a consultant for businesses, business people, and individuals since 1972, traveling throughout the United States, Europe, and Mexico.